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Stuck In Her Daydream
Stuck In Her Daydream
HI, Arielle here. Congrats on finding my blog. You never know exactly what you'll see on here but it will be amazing.
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I’ve just seen and heard so much hatred. I’ve been called garbage, I’ve been called the death of fucking good music, trash, stupid, pointless and disposable. I don’t understand. I’m just trying to make people happy. And it’s such positive, fun music. Like, why are people so angry?

This bitch right here.

Holy mother of god.

Have people HEARD her song Wonderland? Or Love Into The Light? She has the voice of a fucking ANGEL. 

Oh yeah, she also has an IQ over 140. She’s a certified genius with SAT scores over 1400, and she took college level Cold War History courses “for fun”. FOR. FUCKING. FUN.

She knows how to write songs about having a good time while not completely losing her identity as a respectable artist. Sometimes, I need a break from my deep and brooding sad shit to listen to some care-free positive and crazy songs, and that’s what Ke$ha is for.

You keep rocking your shit, Ke$ha. \O/

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I wish I had a pair of skinny genes

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